About PSR

Welcome to PSR!psr-hellow

Polyglot’s Supplement Reader (PSR) is all about sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience with fellow linguists, language and technology enthusiasts.

PSR also creates a perfect community environment to share your thoughts and opinions on current related issues in the language market and translation technology field.

Please feel free to leave any comments in order to improve PSR blog in the future.

The PSR Mission

The PSR is addressed to anyone who wishes to read news and useful information from the language industry and translation technology fields after hours.

You can become an author too!good-idea

If you, like us, have a passion for language, translation and technology matters and would like to contribute towards building a PSR community through publishing your own interesting posts or articles as guest writers, we would love to hear from you.

Send us a message via contact us form with your ideas for a potential review. In return, we will post your view with a short info about you.


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